How to Build Up The Chest With A Muscle Stimulator (like the uPixie)

An electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) is a portable device that uses electrical current to force muscle contraction. According to the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), using an EMS unit over a long period may increase strength, but probably not affect appearance.

Most EMS devices on the market today will not give you rock-hard pectoral muscles, because EMS is a passive exercise. To increase the diameter of your chest would require exercise that breaks down the muscle, forcing it to rebuild stronger.

The OSIM uPixie is an electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) packed with a suite of massage programmes and featuring music synchronizing technology for the perfect companion to your massage/muscle toning session.

uPixie Muscle stimulateStep 1
Place the electrodes onto one section of your chest, following the instructions provided with the unit.

Step 2
Set the device on a low setting so you can build your endurance. Start low, and increase the stimulation over time. Electrical stimulation is not for everyone and may be uncomfortable at first.
*The uPixie pulse massager have customizable functions, so you can tweak it to your favourite setting*

Step 3
Exercise with the unit for as long as you are comfortable, up to 10 minutes. Move the pads after the 10-minute first session to work different sets of muscles. For example, start by placing the pads on your upper chest, and then run the program again with pads on the lower section. *Never lose track of time with the uPixie’s flexible timer right off your computer screen*

Step 4
Use your EMS unit once daily. Increase the duration and stimulation strength over time. A study conducted by the National Strength and Condition Association in 2007 showed rugby players who used EMS units daily did not show marked improvement to strength for at least 12 weeks.

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